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If you want to play golf consistently well then you have to start thinking of yourself as an athlete.  Athletes, whatever their sport, train their bodies so they can effectively and efficiently perform their skill.  Here at Champion Golf Fitness, we like to think that “everyone is an athlete, just at different stages”.  We understand how the human body functions and how it relates to the golf swing.  There are an infinite amount of swing styles, but there is only one efficient way to swing.  We don’t change swing style, we change swing efficiency.

Our Titleist Performance Institute certified doctors perform a comprehensive physical evaluation and utilize 3-D motion capture technology to identify flexibility limitations and imbalances causing faults in your golf swing.  These faults cause an inefficient swing, which rob you of power, gives inconsistent shot accuracy, and may lead to injury.  Once we know what your limitations are, we design a customized workout program to improve your overall performance.  What you can expect is to hit the ball straighter and farther, play with less pain, and have fun.

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How Efficient Is Your Swing?

  • Why am I coming over the top?
  • Why are my drives lacking distance?
  • Why is my ball flight so inconsistent?
  • Why do I feel sore after 18 holes?